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Kenneth Beaupre, LMHC, LCMHC 

 Founder and Chief Wellness Officer 

Kenneth Beaupre is the founder and Chief Wellness Officer of The Psyched Group, a mental wellness center focused on empowering therapists to lead balanced lives and model optimum well-being for clients. Long: 

Kenneth Beaupre founded The Psyched Group in 2014, a mental wellness network practice focused on empowering therapists to lead joyful, fulfilling, effective lives to model and deliver optimum well-being for the clients they serve. As Chief Wellness Officer, he oversees business operations while selectively meeting with clients to stay attuned to their needs and those of therapists. 

 With a 30-year career deeply rooted in health care, Ken began in the corporate sector, selling pharmaceuticals and medical devices. He holds a master's degree in holistic counseling from Salve Regina University with thesis work in expressive art therapies, narrative therapy, and somatic psychodrama. He designed and delivered workshops in collaboration with Hospice of Dayton to help health care workers mitigate burnout and compassion-fatigue. 

Ken wrote and performed his solo-play, "Pieces of War," capturing the narratives of three generations of warfighters and gracing 500+ stages nationwide to promote dialogue, uniting and inspiring audiences to seek resolution through conflict. 

 In 1992, Ken earned a bachelor's degree from Providence College and served as a combat-trained helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army through the Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC), demanding the best from the aviators he proudly led. He later worked with Volunteers of America, providing support to psychologically wounded Iraqi and Afghanistan war veterans during their post-war reintegration. 

 An avid hiker, meditator, and certified yoga instructor, Ken models living a whole life well to optimize himself and those he serves. His own journey through post-traumatic growth has led him to a fulfilling and "psyched" life with a deep desire to help others. He combines a servant-leader's heart with a creative spirit to inspire transformative journeys for many while fostering the vision of a larger psyched community.


Elise Brown

Administrative Manager

Hi, I’m Elise Brown, Intake Coordinator and Administrative Manager at The Psyched Group. I’m generally in the office M-F, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM and sometimes on the weekends! I am here to provide pre-appointment consultations to ensure you are scheduled with the best fit therapist, answer any questions you may have regarding the scheduling process, and provide attention to detail so that you are fully prepared and PSYCHED for your first session. As someone who has experience on the couch (as a patient) and behind the desk (as a healthcare worker), I empathize with the complexities often associated with navigating the healthcare system, especially when seeking mental health support. I place great importance on clarity and collaboration to simplify the process for individuals embarking on their mental health journey. I am honored to support our clients with compassion and respect as they venture to improve their lives through therapy.

In 2013, I began my journey in mental healthcare administration. Over the years, I gained valuable insight in understanding what was necessary to successfully manage a private healthcare practice. I teamed up with Kenneth Beaupre in 2018 as an administrative coordinator for The Psyched Group to help develop streamlined administrative systems and processes in an effort to aid The Psyched Group’s missionto maximize living the best versions of ourselves in order to facilitate the same for the clients we serve. We exist to help others realize a life worth living that we all are PSYCHED about - I really enjoy what I do. 

When I’m not working, I geek out on astrology & nutrition. I enjoy cooking, crystal healing, spa days and live music. I prioritize peace, joy and engage in all things self-care. 

What to Expect from me? 

Whether you send us an email, give us a call or schedule a pre-appointment consultation, I am likely the first person you will make contact with. Kenneth Beaupre, our Chief Wellness Officer, and I work closely together, as I do with all of our clinicians, to ensure I make the best therapist-match recommendations for you. During our correspondence, I will explore your therapeutic needs, your preferences regarding the therapist you want to begin therapy with, your scheduling limitations and your desire for in-person versus virtual sessions. This information guides my  recommendations. Once we explore your preferences, I will share with you which therapist I believe will best suit your or your loved one’s needs.


Emotional Support Animal & Complaint Department


Known to stop by our offices or pop into an online session, Luke is a gentle giant who brings joy to all he greets. While he is not a certified therapy dog, everyone who pets him or gives him a hug feels the stress melt away. With his gentle demeanor and compassionate nature, Luke brings a unique warmth to our counseling offices in Massachusetts and therapists in Rhode Island. When Luke is not bringing smiles to our therapists and clients, he is hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, enjoying the beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island, and visiting family and friends in-between alongside his owner, Kenneth Beaupre. Born in May 2021, Luke loves belly rubs, playing outside in nature with both his human and dog friends, and being a true advocate for the healing power of unconditional love.

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