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Mental Health Therapists (in-person and virtual) in MA, NH, and RI



We are seeking awesome licensed mental health therapists in MassachusettsRhode Island, and New Hampshire for both in-person and virtual sessions to join our team!

We are a close-connected, like-minded, hardworking/hard playing team of mental health professionals with hundreds of thousands of clinical hours combined. We diagnose, treat, and offer individual psychotherapy sessions both in-person and via telehealth from home from a clinical perspective to improve function and optimize the well-being of our clients so they can live well. Our backgrounds vary with experience in various emotional and behavioral issues, including anxiety and panic attacks, depression, trauma, ADHD, autism, bullying, and much more.

The Psyched Group offers alternative mind-body health options to our clients, and as therapists, we model, practice, and live a lifestyle that fosters work-life balance in a supported environment. We want our network of therapists to practice a balanced, healthy, value-based lifestyle to infect others with the same. We are only as effective with our clients as we are effectively living ourselves. So, complete wellness and self-care (yoga, fitness, guided meditation, weekend wellness retreats) for our therapists are paramount, while providing a rewarding income to support the model.

Be Psyched about Your Service as a Therapist

At the Psyched Group, we want you psyched not only about practicing therapy with your clients but practicing being and living the best version of you with a pay-it-forward energy. Working while burnt out is not helpful for anyone. Rather, we support a sustainable balanced lifestyle practice that allows you to have the time and energy to do what you love while offering quality therapy to your clients through the wellness brand of The Psyched Group.

All our therapists are enabled to grow successful, independent, and accessible private practices under The Psyched Group brand. We partner with you to build a business together while profit-sharing with you along the way. You practice therapy with clients of your choosing and perform at least 14+ direct clinical hours per week. Operate as an independent practitioner with full autonomy and select your schedule, while being supported to grow personally and professionally. We have presence in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire for in-person therapy, or telehealth from home with our easy-to-use platform.


Therapist Qualifications

You have the following qualifications:

  • State licensed professional mental health clinician (LMHC, LICSW, LMFT, or PhD)
  • Licensed in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and/or New Hampshire
  • 3+ months of post licensed experience
  • Carry malpractice insurance
  • Wellness mindset, bringing holistic alternative philosophy to the group
  • You enjoy community, connection, care, fun, and value.


Benefits to Build a Lifestyle of Care

The Psyched Group’s model has been specifically designed for therapists to succeed:

  • Compensation. We pay on a tiered rate based on the hours you contribute and the rates we negotiate with insurance companies. (Rates range from $40 - $109/session).
  • Flexible schedule. Choose your days/times. Choose your place (in-person and/or telehealth).
  • Health insurance stipend. We help pay your health care premium for therapists booking 25+ hours/week.
  • Fitness & Wellness Membership. We pay for your yoga, gym, or wellness membership. We want you healthy and body health is mental health. Do your body-mind work!
  • Professional Coaching. If you’re not growing, your clients are not growing. A Psyched wellness counselor/coach ensures your growth every step of the way on your private practice journey so you can model the best self you are. Along your growth path, personal blocks at times inhibit professional progress. Burn out. Fears. Lack of clarity. Doubts. You’re human. These hold therapists back from offering their best care to self and others. (1 hour/month) Our coaching helps support you in the journey.
  • Clinical Supervision. We have online group peer supervision (or in-person) so you are not alone nor liable. Let’s do quality care together. (formally once/month and on-call as needed).
  • Optional fun. Once per quarter, you can join the group for fun activities. We get together for dinners, holidays, mountain hikes, beach events, and more.
  • Yoga. Join in our weekly virtual yoga class.
  • Meditation. Twice per week, we start our day with a 20-minute meditation to cultivate the positive mindset and ensure safeguards against burnout.
  • Free “Weekend Wellness” Retreats. Once per year, pick a free weekend wellness stay at the Psyched Beach House in Narragansett, Rhode Island or Psyched Mountain Home in Brenton Woods, New Hampshire.
  • $1,000 sign-on bonus. For on-boarding therapists agreeing to 25+ hours/week to help set up your home or in-office space.

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