kenny beaupre

Kenneth Beaupre, LMHC, LCMHC

Founder & Lead Therapist


Ken formed The Psyched Group LLC in 2014 to do mental health better. He wanted not only to reduce stigmas of mental health and provide innovative treatments but to also help people move from dis-ease to optimized living through wellness. He recognized we are more than our struggles and that we are self-healing, self-realizing, and self-actualizing. Like many therapists, Ken personally journeyed through “Posttraumatic Growth Opportunity” into an abundant, thrilling, impassioned, psyched life with a strong desire to help others do the same. He recognized most mental health therapists were working under a faulty model that caused burnout and compassion-fatigue while operating at less than one’s full potential. He created a new model where therapists are fully supported and empowered to live a well-lived, consciously balanced, highly valuable life so they could model wellness for others and optimize their service to clients. The Psyched Group exists to help the helper help better. As therapists, we are only as effective with our clients as we are living effectively, and this means mental healthcare must include and transcend traditional services to encompass holistic bodymind approaches to organically self-actualize the highest potential of others. Health is body (physical health), mind (mental health), and soul (emotional/energetic wellness). And Ken wants us to walk the journey together so we can all not only get better but become psyched.


As a young military officer, and former combat-trained army aviator Ken understood the values of service, duty, and commitment. An idealist at heart, he wants the world to be a better place. To him, that means we the people must come together and help make each other the best versions of ourselves. As a U.S. Army Officer he demanded the best from the aviators he proudly led and served. He never engaged in wartime combat operations, but had many friends and peers that did. No longer in the active military but armed with a master’s degree in Holistic Counseling from Salve Regina University, Ken was clinically licensed and armed as a Mental Health Counselor to treat PTSD.  He worked with Volunteers of America (2011-2014) to treat psychologically wounded Iraqi and Afghanistan war veterans struggling with post war reintegration. He believes psychology is a powerful tool to resolve inner-conflicts and discover peace within ourselves.


Incorporating his holistic master thesis work in Expressive Arts Therapies, Drama Therapy, and Narrative Therapy, Ken wrote, created and performed Pieces of War  under pseudonym. He toured (2004-2010) nationally hitting 48 states and over 500+ stages fostering dialogue and communities to address mental health issues for those affected. He partnered with Kirkland Productions, and formed a theatre company The Healing Stage LLC (since dissolved) to write, perform, and tour several other stage performances raising mental health awareness for communities across the U.S. The Telegram & Gazette (2007) writes, “Kenny delivers a vibrant, unforgettable performance,” and the Napa Valley Register says, “Kenny gives us a captivating cadence of rhythm and rhyme to explore the complex issues.” In partnership with Hospice of Dayton, He created and delivered “Storytelling with C.A.R.E.” and “Psychosocial & Emotional Aspects of PTSD: Processing Psychodrama” to help the organization’s healthcare workers mitigate burnout and compassion-fatigue in the workplace. He understand that good care starts with modeling self care.  


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