Therapist Burnout: We strive for the best in our clients’ potential so let’s maximize ours

Kenneth Beaupre, Founder and Chief Wellness Office, The Psyched Group

As demand for therapy has skyrocketed in recent years, therapists are feeling overwhelmed, and rightfully so. Behind those calming and supportive words lies a group of professionals who are just as human as the clients they serve. The truth is, therapists often find themselves on the brink of burnout, struggling to maintain their own mental well-being while aiding others. 

A therapist's schedule is packed from dawn till dusk, bouncing between clients who bear their souls, pouring out stories of pain, trauma, and heartache. While therapists can be equipped with the tools to help these individuals navigate through their struggles, they are not immune to the emotional weight these stories carry. 

Further, according to a survey by the American Psychological Association, adults seeking mental health treatment during the first year of the pandemic increased by 25%, while adolescents aged 13-17 saw a staggering 37% increase in mental health treatment that first year. This surge brought with it an unprecedented level of emotional and psychological strain on therapists, leading to an alarming increase in burnout cases.

Better support for therapists means better therapy

Burnout among therapists is more than just exhaustion; it's a complex blend of emotional fatigue, compassion fatigue, and a gnawing feeling of being overwhelmed by an overloaded workcare, cumbersome healthcare system. The demands of the pandemic left mental health professionals with less time for self-care and the necessary support systems that keep burnout at bay. As therapists strive to provide their best, they often put their own mental and physical health on the back burner. But here's the twist: a burnt-out therapist is not just detrimental to their own well-being; it's a domino effect that ultimately impacts the quality of care they provide to their clients. 

At The Psyched Group, a mental wellness practice with a mission to empower therapists to not only survive but thrive, we understand that therapists need support as much as they give it, if not more. Self-care and effective living is also effective healthcare as we must model what we seek to cultivate in the world. 

We know that in order to help others, therapists need to prioritize their own well-being. We as therapists are only as effective as we are living effectively. We are not a big corporation; we’re a family of like-minded professionals who understand the struggles therapists face on a daily basis. We’ve built a peer community where therapists can share experiences, seek advice, and find solace in the company of those who truly get it. Therapists need support in the form of connection, particularly like-minded connection. 

The support doesn't stop there. We understand that self-care is paramount for therapists to stay effective. From getting enough sleep and maintaining a healthy diet to engaging in regular exercise and relaxation techniques, we walk the talk when it comes to helping therapists find their balance. And we know it’s easier said than done.

More than self-care

The Psyched Group doesn't just focus on therapists' personal well-being; we recognize the practical challenges therapists encounter, too. Access to resources is key for delivering quality care, and The Psyched Group provides therapists with office space, Zen décor, supplies, and administrative support (offsite), for a safe and supportive environment. Our offices feel like a spa. 

Operations and marketing support are also vital to running a thriving therapy practice, and The Psyched Group provides therapists with full caseloads and clients they desire and have a strong connection. From electronic medical records and insurance billing to reception and scheduling services, therapists can concentrate on what they do best: helping their clients, not dealing with logistical hurdles.

A personal touch in an isolating world

While giants like BetterHelp and Talkspace came to the rescue for many during the pandemic, The Psyched Group takes a more personal, human-centric approach. We value human connection, providing therapists and clients alike with the attention and care they need. We understand that true healing happens in community, and it all starts with supporting therapists on their personal and professional journey so they can pay-it-forward.

So, whether you're a therapist feeling the weight of the world's struggles or someone seeking therapy in a world that often feels overwhelming, The Psyched Group is not just focused on delivering care, but on fostering a community where joy, connection, and well-being thrive. 

Join The Psyched Group, where therapists and clients alike can find the support they need, all while discovering the joy in life – because it's time to get psyched for brighter days ahead.

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