Better Mental Health Care: The Psyched Group’s Mission

Kenneth Beaupre, Founder of The Psyched Group

According to the World Health Organization, the numbers tell a bleak story. Nearly 1 billion people live with a mental disorder, and every year, close to 3 million people die due to substance abuse. Every 40 seconds, a person dies by suicide. 

When I founded The Psyched Group in 2014, a mental wellness practice where therapists are empowered to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle, the mission was clear: to challenge the limitations of the traditional mental health care model and offer innovative treatments that empower people to move from dis-ease to optimized living. At The Psyched Group, we believe when our clients live their highest potential in authenticity and engage their innate self-healing process then dis-ease fails to foster. 

In the outdated mental health care model where burnout and fatigue are prevalent among providers, The Psyched Group supports and empowers our therapists to live conscious, balanced lives, enabling them to serve as genuine wellness models for clients. I believe good care starts with modeling self-care. We embrace a holistic body-mind perspective that transcends conventional talk therapy services, helping individuals to not just survive, but tap into their highest potential in body (physical health), mind (mental health), and soul (emotional/energetic wellness) – to thrive. 

Each of us is more than our struggles; we possess the inherent power of self-healing, self-realization, and self-actualization. At The Psyched Group, our goal is for our clients to not just get better, but to live a life they are psyched about, and we are psyched for them. 

The Psyched Group’s Leadership Principles

Servant leadership

My own journey through post-traumatic growth fueled my desire to create a thriving and impassioned life, and I have been determined to help others do the same. My background in servant leadership allows me to guide The Psyched Group through the important work that needs to be done.

As a young military officer and former combat-trained army aviator, I understand the values of service, duty, and commitment. My idealistic nature drove me to envision a world where we unite to bring out the best versions of ourselves. After active military service, my journey led me to earn a master's degree in holistic counseling, equipping me with the tools to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and offer healing to those struggling with inner conflicts.

While serving Volunteers of America, I had the privilege of working with psychologically wounded Iraqi and Afghanistan war veterans, reinforcing my belief in the power of psychology to discover inner peace. These experiences further shaped my commitment to servant leadership, where I strive to guide others on their paths to wellness.

Creative Leadership

As part of my holistic master's thesis, I delved into expressive arts and drama therapies.

This journey culminated in the creation of, "Pieces of War," a transformative performance that sparked dialogues and fostered communities addressing mental health issues. I embarked on a national tour, performing on 500+ stages in 48 states, igniting awareness and compassion for those affected.

I am proud of my partnership with Hospice of Dayton, where I designed and delivered workshops, including, "Storytelling with C.A.R.E." and "Psychosocial & Emotional Aspects of PTSD: Processing Psychodrama," to support healthcare workers with mitigating burnout and compassion fatigue. 

Care-Centered Leadership

Throughout my experiences, I recognized most mental health therapists are working under a faulty model that causes burnout and fatigue while operating at less than one’s full potential. As therapists, we are only as effective with our clients as we are living effectively, and this means mental health care must include and transcend traditional services to encompass holistic body-mind approaches to organically self-actualize the highest potential of others.

As I reflect on this journey, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to create positive change in the realm of mental health care. Built on the foundation of servant, creative, and care-centered leadership, The Psyched Group is driven by the belief that we can all become psyched together. 

Today, we are more passionate than ever about our mission. 

If you are on this transformative journey with us, thank you! If not yet, please reach out if you are interested in getting started – as a therapist or a client. We specialize in therapy for depression and anxiety, couples, family, parenting support, grief, work and career issues, stress management, addiction and recovery, and conflict resolution. 

Together, we walk this path of mental wellness, and our commitment to each other fuels our passion – to become psyched – for a better tomorrow.

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